This morning my heart is heavy. It is heavy over the terrible fires destroying homes and businesses. It is heavy over the massacre in Las Vegas and over the fact that with all of our technology and supposed high tech forensics, no one can explain how or why this thing happened. It is heavy over the terrible hurricanes and destruction that is ongoing. It is heavy over the fact that in our rapid information world, some of these terrible things remain on the media watch list for only a few days and then they are forgotten. What is happening now in Houston? What is happening in the places where the eye of the hurricane actually came ashore in Texas, or Florida? Does anyone know? What is happening in Barbuda or the other Caribbean countries? Puerto Rico has a virulent feminist mayor who is exploiting the tragedy by lambasting our President every chance she gets and she gets the headlines, but what about the truth—the stories that don’t get reported? The real tragedy in so much of this is that with a media that only reports news that it decides we need to have, we are left with a loss of truth. When we have a media that has lost its moorings to the point that they no longer report news, rather they make the news they wish to report.

And now we have the media hoopla over the repulsive and vile behavior of another “Hurricane Harvey.” This hurricane is a Hollywood mogul who has been molesting and even raping women for decades. Where are the feminists with the pink hats now? A famous Hollywood actress who growled out “I am a nasty woman” during the women’s march was one of those who was sexually exploited by this man and she never spoke out. Dozens of Hollywood stars were attacked by this vile and disgusting man as he undressed in front of them, demanded they perform sex acts against their will in order to further their careers—they never spoke out. They all spoke out during the election campaign and the women’s march, about those who were of a different political persuasion, but now their true hypocrisy is exposed.

Feminism is a sham; it is a hypocrisy and women have been lured into it by other women—women who are exploiting them just as surely and as seriously as the men whom they bow to, whom they perform sex acts with in order to further their career. Is this Hollywood mogul the only predator in Hollywood? Has this not been going on as long as there has been a Hollywood? Why has it been allowed to continue? Why haven’t these women who scream out their feminist ideology ever screamed out against this? Why? Because they allowed themselves to be debased and degraded in order to move up in their careers. It is a two way street. It has required a form of consent—not consent to the acts, but to the silence. Hollywood actresses publicly called this man, Harvey Weinstein, a “god”. He was praised from the platform of the Oscar stage. He was photographed again and again with these actresses draped on him, while in private he was performing shameful and degrading acts with them, on them, and in front of them—against their will. Feminism is a sham and I pray—I really mean that—I pray for the women who have been taken in by it. I pray for the women who have been taken in by the lies that they been spoon fed, not just by men, but by other women.

I am personally glad that this man has been exposed for who he really is; it is about time. But underneath the glitter and glam of the Hollywood machine, there is an underbelly of such slime and darkness—darkness that they have been feeding to the public—darkness that is now showing up and being exposed. I only hope it all gets exposed, that it is not allowed to go under cover again. I only hope that these actresses who have been victimized by this man will see the truth, that the veil over their eyes will be removed long enough to really see the darkness behind it all. And the public, those of us who have been pouring our money into this machine for decades, will stand up as well and just simply say—“No. I cannot use my hard earned money to pay for this debauchery. I cannot pour my money into the gods of this evil machine.” How much of my money has supported this man? How much of yours? We have been complicit in this darkness for too long.

And finally, may I speak about the one and only place where women are truly highly regarded, truly given the respect and love that they are seeking?

I have a God who elevates women. While many of the stories found in the Bible contain lurid accounts of what the hearts of mankind can do to each other, there is Jesus Christ—standing magnificent and beautiful—reaching out His arms to those women who have been trashed and abused. There He is calling on the men who caught the woman in adultery—ready to stone her, “He who has no sin cast the first stone.” And no one did. Because this Man, Jesus, silently shamed them into seeing their own hypocrisy. And He forgave her. There He is hanging on that cross as the women who had been delivered and set free from shame and guilt, who had followed Him along with the men for three years, were the last ones at the grave and the first ones at the empty tomb, and He names them all by name. He knew them by name! He commends Mary of Bethany and writes beautifully and lovingly of her act of sacrifice. And all of this happened in a culture where men had no respect or regard for women. He stood above all of the filth and the hypocrisy and the lies and proclaimed truth. “I AM the way, the truth and the Life.”

I see Jesus Christ, today, reaching out His loving arms to women trapped in cultures where they are treated as dung, and He is setting them free—not just from the culture, but from the shame and the guilt that has been imposed on them.

I see Jesus Christ in 1989, when He met me in my worst sin, my worst self-degradation, and simply said, “Follow Me.” And I did, and I laid down my own nets—the nets of feminism and rights and deep involvement in the phony glitter of the world system and I followed Him. I had been seeking this kind of love and had never found it—not in men, not in career, not in relationships of any kind, and there it was—In Jesus Christ. And I have never returned to that place where I had been held captive.

Put this God—Jesus Christ—side by side with Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood god—and take a good long look. Look at that picture and decide which one you really want to worship. Decide which one you are going to follow. And then by all means—follow Him; allow Him to transform every part of who you are into His image. Follow and find a peace, a love, a freedom that you cannot even imagine until you experience it. No man can take it from you. No man or woman can throw you under the bus again because Jesus stands up for you. Jesus alone can say to you, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.” And you will walk away free—no longer having to fight for your rights, no longer slavishly devoted to this fallen world system, no longer suffering the angst of who is in the White House or who is treating you fairly. Free indeed. That is what He offers. And it is free—it will not cost you having to watch a man perform filthy acts in front of you so that you can get ahead. It will not cost you your self-respect—you will finally, for the first time in your life, understand what it is to be loved and respected, even if no man or woman will ever respect or love you again. It is that kind of love. Trust me, I know what I am talking about.

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