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God Is Still Moving!

While we here in this country are torn apart by politics and demanding our “rights,” God is up to something huge in other countries, where having “rights” is not even a consideration. Getting through the day and surviving until tomorrow … Continue reading

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AND HAVING DONE ALL–STAND! STAND THEREFORE… It has been my honor and privilege to teach women’s Bible studies for these past twenty-four years. Many times in teaching, I have used the example of what we call spiritual warfare drawn from Old … Continue reading

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2016–SO FAR

2016 — SO FAR I’ve been mulling over many things, trying to make some sense of the year 2016. It has been a crazy year thus far. I have refrained from voicing many opinions on social media about the insanity … Continue reading

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Darkness Descending

There is heaviness this morning. It is a heaviness that began awhile ago, when exactly it is hard to tell. It grew exponentially with the election of 2012. There are bad reports emanating from every corner—the fiscal cliff, Benghazi, Syria, … Continue reading

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Praying God’s Word 3

Praying Jesus’ Own Prayer Oh God, how I love Your own prayer, which You prayed not only for those who followed You two thousand years ago, but also for us, today. I rejoice that You have authority over everyone; that You … Continue reading

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