Abide in Me (John 15:4)

“Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me.”

I am struck by these verses in John 15 all over again Lord. As I pluck each word carefully from this vine and hold it out to You so that You can open it fresh and pour it into me fresh this morning, I am struck by something new; the idea of abiding and the idea of fruit.

Abide in the Hebrew= to stop (usually over night), to stay permanently; to continue, dwell, endure, lie all night, to lodge this night, to make to murmur, remain, tarry (all night, that night). It can also mean to be obstinate especially in words–to complain!

In the Greek it is men’-o: To stay in a given place, state, relation or expectancy, to continue, dwell, endure, be present, remain, stand, tarry.

This morning after a couple of weeks spent launching the book, launching a website, paypal, new passwords, new computer language which is a foreign language to me, new expectations of getting this thing going, getting it marketed, social networking–whew, my mind is abiding on all of those things, overwhelming me. The battery is out on my computer and it continually beeps a high pitched beep, reminding me, reminding me, reminding me nagging me, nagging me, nagging me. My mind is feeling like that this morning Lord, and abiding seems so far away.

Remind me again, why did You, Lord, write this book? You wrote it to produce Your fruit in the lives of others who are struggling to learn to abide in the midst of a category 5 hurricane in their lives.

What is that “fruit” anyway? It seems that in Genesis, it was fruit of a kind that killed life. It killed Your life in Your beloved creation. You have come that we might have life and have it abundantly; You have come to bring a supernatural joy and peace and love to Your creation and this is the fruit that you are not forbidding us to eat, as in the Garden–this fruit is YOU! It is Your Life! You are pleading with us–Eat this fruit! It is ME, My life pouring into you from the vine in order to give life to others through you.

This morning, though the computer is beeping, I am going to tarry here with you, eating of Your fruit, taking all of my swirling thoughts captive in obedience to You, and You will put those thoughts in order according to Your plan and purpose for this day. I am only going to abide in Your presence, and allow Your fruit to flow unhindered through me to feed other little broken souls.

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  1. laura says:

    Hi, Kathleen :). I’m privileged to stop by and leave a word about how this word study impressed me. When I think about the word “abide” I never consider how I carry it out in ways that do not necessarily honor God. This post challenges me to spend my time more wisely. Thank you for that! And I’m sorry if you had to “abide” with your computer a bit longer than you desired to fix your comments!

    • Nice to hear from you Laura and thanks for dropping by. Abiding is an ongoing learning experience for me. If Christ abides in me, and I abide in Him and He set the example that He could do nothing without the Father doing it through Him, then I can do nothing unless Jesus, abiding in me, does it through me. Relieves me of a lot of going off into side eddies trying to figure out what it all means–I just need to start my day by telling Him, “Jesus, I have no patience for this day–Come and be my patience. I have no wisdom to handle all my tasks today, come and be my wisdom (etc. etc.); He does. The other day, since my Mom lives with me in the downstairs, I find that my busy schedule gets interrupted and I get impatient. I told Jesus the other day, “I have no compassion or patience with my Mom lately. Would You come and exchange my bad attitude for Your amazing patience and compassion?” He did. Since that day I have the most incredible love, compassion, and time to spend with her and all of my old junk seems to have left–I didn’t even have to work at it or go to bed feeling guilty because I failed one more time! He is amazing, really, really amazing!

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